The PowerSource 1800

Perfect for starting out with solar

$1,697 + S&H
The PowerSource 1800

The PowerSource 1800 is the perfect solar generator for emergency backup power. The 90-watt quick-charge solar panel supplies electricity to the 1800-watt backup power unit so you can keep your lights and appliances running even when the electricity goes out.

With just a single charge, the PowerSource 1800 will supply up to 12 hours of uninterrupted backup power for a small office, and up to eight hours of run-time for essential home appliances and small electronics during a power outage.

Naturally, if the sun is shining, the solar panel can be used to recharge the battery, providing a “limitless” supply of backup electricity.

The 1800-watt inverter comes with five 115 VAC power outlets for operating multiple devices simultaneously. With the PowerSource 1800 at your fingertips, you can power appliances, electronic devices, and even home office equipment. For instance:

  • Appliances: Power your refrigerator, microwave, freezer, sump pump, garage door, or any other appliance that needs power.
  • Electronic Devices: Power your TV, cordless phone, mobile phone, VoIP phone, Internet modem, portable fan, and/or an emergency light.
  • Small Business Equipment: Power a laptop, desktop and 20" LCD or CRT monitor, 600 W office lamp, inkjet printer, 4-in-1 copier/printer/fax/scanner, Internet modem, VoIP phone, mobile phone, and/or cordless phone.

Here are some extra details you should know about the PowerSource 1800:

  • The built-in transfer relay provides reliable backup power capability.
  • The digital LED display indicates battery capacity status and total wattage of the devices connected to the unit so you’ll know how to allocate power and when to recharge.
  • An audible alarm signals 10 minutes before the unit runs out of battery power -- just in case you’ve gotten busy and haven’t checked the battery indicator in a while.
  • The backup battery can be recharged from the included solar panel or from a home AC wall outlet, whichever is more convenient at the time. (If it is cloudy, and you have electricity, you may want to simply plug in your battery to make sure it’s fully charged for the next time you need it.)
  • The unit has built-in handles for easy transportation.

Note: By investing in the PowerSource 1800 solar backup, you may qualify for Federal Tax Credits.

Powersource 1800 Daily Solar Production: (Based on year around averages)

Zone 1 – 432 watt hours/day
Zone 2 – 396
Zone 3 – 360
Zone 4 – 324
Zone 5 – 302.4
Zone 6 – 252
Alaska – 252 (varies significantly throughout the year – many days may be near or at zero)
Hawaii – 432